Monza 1967 for Grand Prix Legends (GPL)

This race track for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) represents the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in 1967. As a bonus a representation of Monza in 1965 is included. GPL is a racing simulation for the PC that was published in 1998. This track replaces the original Papyrus version using a more accurate layout and a better set of textures and objects. Built in a one year period using objects from John Basara and textures from Thomas Laechele made originally for Monza 10k. With help of the Team, we then modified or scratch made new objects and new textures.

How it works

Using the original GPL 1967 F1 cars you will see and drive the track as it was for the 1967 Italian Grand Prix for Formula One cars held on 10 September 1967. Using the GPL 1965 F1 mod you will see and drive the track as it was for the 1965 Italian Grand Prix for Formula One cars held on 12 September 1965. Using any other GPL mod you will see and drive the track as it was in 1967.


Run the track installer and select the path to your GPL installation.


After installing the track you find an UNPACK_ME_Options_and_Information.7z file in the monza67 track folder (...\SIERRA\gpl\tracks\monza67) which you can extract into the monza67 track folder so you will have: The option to install lower res textures for both 1967 (default) version and 1965 (only visible with 65 MOD) version. The different files for 1965 or 1967 (default) to use if you want to have that particular version shown in GEM+ and the championship. Low FB versions to help who has troubles with low frame rate. Different sets for Remy's Horizon: 1024x1024 and 512x512 type7 (32-bits) while a 16 bits 512x512 is included in the low-res pack. By default the Horizon is 1024x1024 (16-bits). Just unpack the one you prefer into the monza67 track folder to overwrite the default one. We hope you have as much fun driving the track as we have had making it. Ginetto, with support of the Monza 1967 Team (Bergamo Italy, 25 June 2020)

Gallery / Screenshots These GPL Mods were used for screenshots: GPL 1967 F1 Extra Mod / Historical Mod GPL 1965 F1 Mod


Monza 1967 - The Cathedral of Speed - Rebuilt for Grand Prix Legends by Rudolf Goertz YouTube: Vimeo: Monza 1967 Rebuilt - Grand Prix Legends 2020 by GPLaps


GPL monza67 track installer [78.4 MB] Remember to copy any track specific driver.ini you have (driv65, driv66, drvc69, drv69w, drivf2, ... etc.) from monza into monza67. GPL monza67 server version [2.5 MB] Server version updated on 26/06/2020 because of bad track.ini file format.

Thanks to

Thomas Laechele for his textures from Monza 10k John Basara for his 3DOs from Monza 10k


All members of the Team, in particular: Denis (db312), Greg Liebzeit, Gianfranco Spinella (gspinning) for their research and textures Remy Roesz for his Sky and Horizon Pavel for his AI set

How to install GPL and GPL mods? How to update GPL?

See the GPL Easy Installation Guide:


1967 Italian Grand Prix

The 1967 Italian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at the Autodromo Nazio- nale Monza on 10 September 1967. It was race 9 of 11 in both the 1967 World Championship of Drivers and the 1967 International Cup for Formula One Manufacturers. The race was won by British driver John Surtees driving a Honda. It was the sixth and final career victory for Surtees, as well as the first ever race for the Honda RA300 which he drove to victory. This was the first Formula One race where start lights were used. The race started with a misunderstanding between the starter and some pilots, who interpreted his sign at the pre-start as a release of the race. This caused a confusion between drivers who were still rolling slowly to their starting positions and those who were already accelerating at full speed. Since there was no accident despite this delicate situa- tion, the start was not aborted. Brabham took the lead at first, but was overtaken by Gurney as early as the second lap. Hill followed in front of Clark, McLaren, Stewart and Hulme. Towards the end of the third lap Clark took the lead and Hill came second after Gurney had retired due to an engine failure. Hulme was able to keep the pace of the two Lotus and even took the lead for a short time before he was pushed from this position again by Clark shortly afterwards. On lap 13 Clark was forced to make a pit stop due to a puncture. His mechanics were not prepared for this. When he returned to the track, he was one lap behind the now leading Hill. This was followed by one of the most striking catch-up races in Formula 1 history. Favoured by slipstream duels, the Scotsman rounded back within a few laps and joined the leading group again, whose leader changed several times due to slipstream manoeuvres as well. On lap 31, Hulme, who was leading in the World Championship, had to retire from the race due to an overheated engine. Towards the end of the race, Clark overtook the third placed Surtees. Due to Hill's technical failure, he moved up to second place and finally regained the lead through an overtaking manoeuvre against Brabham. Surtees also overtook the Australian. Clark still started the last lap as leader, but on the last long straight he ran out of fuel. Surtees and Brabham then fought a duel for victory in the Parabolica on the last metres of the race. Surtees finally won by half a car length and thus achieved his first and only victory at the premiere of the Honda RA300. Clark silently crossed the finish line about 23 seconds later in third place. This was the second victory for the Honda F1 team, and the last for the factory team until Jenson Button won the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix. Some fans and journalists still consider this race to be, in terms of race action and excitement, the greatest Grand Prix of all time. (Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1965 Italian Grand Prix

The 1965 Italian Grand Prix (formally the XXXVI. Gran Premio d'Italia) was a Formula One motor race held at Monza on 12 September 1965. It was race 8 of 10 in both the 1965 World Championship of Drivers and the 1965 International Cup for Formula One Manufacturers. The race was won by Jackie Stewart who took his first Grand Prix victory, whilst driving for the BRM team. His teammate - Graham Hill - finished second after a closely contested race between both the pair and pole-sitter and Jim Clark, who driving for the Lotus-Climax team, had secured the 1965 Drivers' Championship at the previous race. His fuel-pump failure with a handful of laps to go, and also the preceding retirement of Ferrari driver John Surtees, ensured that Dan Gurney of the Brabham-Climax team picked up the final position on the podium. Clark, who had secured pole position for the second time in a row and a total of five times this season, won the starting duel and led the race ahead of Stewart, Hill and Bandini. Surtees had technical problems and dropped back several places. But then the problems disappeared and Surtees improved within a short time to fifth place behind Bandini. In the five races before, Clark was always quickly ahead of the competition, this was not possible due to the track characteristics at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Due to the long straights, slipstream duels developed as in previous years, which led to many position changes. Clark held his ground for two laps ahead of Hill before the latter took the lead. Clark countered one lap later but was overtaken by Hill again. On lap six, Stewart overtook both opponents and took the lead, before Clark took the lead again just one lap later. A duel developed in the following laps between Clark and Stewart, who overtook each other four times. During this time Bassi retired with engine failure, Baghetti followed a few laps later with the same reason for retirement. After Stewart had held the lead continuously between lap eleven and lap 14, he was replaced by Surtees, who had overtaken several opponents before. However, his Ferrari suffered damage to the clutch, which caused him to drop out of the fight for first place and later to retire completely. So Stewart was again in first place and continued the duel with Clark. Four more changes in the lead between these two drivers followed. There were further retirements in the midfield. Bucknum and Gardner had an engine failure, Gregory, Russo and Siffert parked their cars with a defective gearbox. Hulme did not reach the finish either, at his Brabham the suspension broke on lap 47. On lap 25 Hill fought his way back to the top and from then on it was Hill, Clark and Stewart, three drivers who constantly overtook each other. Twice Hill led the field for one lap, after that Stewart and Clark were in front for four laps each. After 15 more lead changes Clark dropped back from the leading group because the fuel pump on his Lotus failed. After six wins in a row, Clark's winning streak came to an end, but he was still classified in tenth place because he had already covered the necessary race distance. Spence, Vaccarella, Bussinello and Ginther retired before him and were still classified. After Clark's retirement, the two B.R.M. drivers were in the lead and continued to change positions with each other almost every lap. The Italian Grand Prix became one of the races with the most changes in the lead. The first in the race was overtaken 40 times in total. The race decision resulted in a driving mistake by Hill on the last lap. Stewart built up a small lead over his team mate and reached the finish line in first place. This was Stewart's first victory in the automobile world championship. B.R.M. won his second race of the season and Hill's second place made it the fifth and final double victory of the constructor. Stewart won the Italian Grand Prix again with Matra in 1968, B.R.M. won again only in 1971. The other points went to Bandini, McLaren and Attwood. For Attwood it was the first point in his career. Bonnier, Rindt and Ireland, each two laps behind, finished in places seven to nine. The fastest race lap was driven by Clark. In the drivers' championship Stewart came close to Hill by only one point, the first five positions did not change. In the constructors' championship there were no changes in the ranks either, B.R.M. was 20 points ahead of Ferrari and 12 points behind Lotus. Without the strike result B.R.M. would have been only two points behind Lotus. Stewart said about his first victory that he never thought he would get this far in his first year. Furthermore, 50 years later he called it one of the best Grand Prix of all times due to the many changes in the leadership. (Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


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